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Toucan Dubh Gallery

Toucan Dubh 2013

(Photos by Courtney Lytle)


St. Patrick's Day! (Photo by Elizabeth Bell)

Toucan Dubh 2012

(Photos by Kathleen Ryan)


(Photos by Susan Nease)


Pirate Palooza 2007

(Photos by Kathleen Ryan)

Ian leads the musicians in the big send-off! (Tenpenny Travelers, Susan Hickey, Juliana Finch and one Rumrunner)

Hornpipe! :)                            Ian O'Donnell and Cap'n Drew cook up some mischief

Pirate Palooza 2006

(Photos by Boswell Gallery and Kathleen Ryan)

Ian brings up the Rum Runners and String (of Lost Boys fame) for the Finale!

Atlanta Celtic Festival 2006

(Photos by Rick Abercrombie)

St. Patrick's Day 2006 - LGC

(Photos by Kathleen Ryan)

The sound man's big, green, St. Patrick's Day Shoes!

North Georgia Celtic Festival

(Photos by Derek Benton)

Atlanta Celtic Festival 2005

(Photos by Rick Abercrombie)

Other Stuff

fIf you have other pictures or video of the band, we'd love to have a copy!
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